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SAFETY:  Customer’s must drive slowly when towing concrete mixers.  Greater stopping distances are required to stop your vehicle when under heavy load.  Allow for an extra cushion when towing in traffic conditions.  Always double check your hitch & chains before transporting any trailer.  Especially, mixers that can often become loose during operation.
TIME: Mixer Rentals are for a 2 hour time period.  Overnight rentals are prohibited.
CAPACITY:  Mixers have a (1) cubic yard capacity.  We do NOT offer larger loads.
GAS: One tank of regular unleaded gas is included with your rental.  Jobs requiring multiple trips where gas tanks are refilled will be billed for extra time & refueling charges at $5.99 per gallon.
RETURNS: All mixer rentals must be returned before 5:00pm on weekdays & 4:00pm on weekends.  Rentals must be emptied & rinsed at your jobsite.  Any Drums NOT rinsed & dumped at your jobsite are subject to cleaning & disposal fees of $100.00 per mixer.
COVERS:  Please be sure to return your drum cover.  Lost covers cost $75.00 & will be added to your bill.  We do offer credits for any covers that are found & returned if you have been charged.


Specials / Announcements

Thank you everyone for your patience & understanding during our transition. We respect & honor our past & look forward to a bright future. Stop by our showroom & check out the great deals on Honda generators & Husqvarna Lawn & Garden equipment. This months special: 10% off all NFL hard hats in stock while supplies last.

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