Carpet Extractor-13 gal. Hot Water


Product Description

Solution Tank: 13 Gallon
Solution Pump: Positive Displacement 300/75 psi
Vac Motor: 7.2″ 3 Stage
On-board Heater: 212° F Water Temp (At Spary Tip)
Wand: Double Bend Two Nozzle Polished Stainless Steel
Power Cable: (2) 25 ft. 12-3 Ga. Hospital Grade Plug
Weight: 119 lbs.
Wheels: (2) Large 10″ Non-marking and (2) Soft Tread Casters

This carpet extractor has a built-in 212(F.) degree heater, variable solution pressures of 75 or 300psi, 13 gallon solution tank, 11 gallon recovery tank, and 2 vacuum motors. Heat increases cleaning effectiveness by up to 40%, and this low moisture system of 0.8 gpm provides faster drying times and no overwetting, it also has an easy circuit locator to prevent breaker overload by verifying the receptacles chosen are on separate circuits.

Rental Rates
4 hrs – $50
1 Day – $75
1 Week – $250